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About Me: Text

Well, for starters, I am proud to call myself a:

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Transformation Mentor

Ceremony Facilitator

Wellness Coach

Ayurvedic & Indian Masseuse

Birth, Postpartum & Death Doula

Hatha, Kundalini, Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Sacred Birthing & Postnatal Ceremony Facilitator

And MOST importantly, 

A supreme nature ocean lover of hilltops, horizons, sunsets and sunrises!

I am also HANDS DOWN a True Jock to my CORE! With an extensive background in many highly competitive sports teams from playing on the:

MUN Sea Hawks Varsity Basketball Team

Provincial NL Rock Rugby Team

Various competitive Royal St. John's Regatta Rowing Teams

Every single freakin' sports team that was offered throughout all my younger school years


Oh, and I have to mention that I also danced my heart out from the early ages of 4-25 years old taking a wide range of classes in jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop and salsaaaaa! 

I am also a pretty badass fearless world traveller:

From travelling solo around India, South East Asia, South America, Nepal,

to living with the Masai in Africa,

to climbing solo to Base Camp Everest in Nepal,

to leading a dance parade in Rio, Brazil during Carnival,

to planting trees in an Eco-commune in India,

to volunteering for 3 months in an orphanage in Arusha, Africa,

to summiting Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,

then only hours after the 8-day trek jumping out of a plane into the sunset! (YESSSS I DID!!!)

So as you can see, I truly embrace life to the fullest and I'm JAM PACKED with awesomeness to share with YOU!

And I'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: my success and joy is fuelled by your health and happiness, and I want you to gain all of it and more!

About Me: Text


About Me: Text

+ Bachelor of Arts, English (Memorial University, 2006)
+ Midwife Assistant (Avalon Birth Services,  St. John's, NL, 2011)
+ Certified Holistic Nutritionist (Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Vancouver, 2012)
+ Birth Doula (Wise Woman Way, Gloria Lemay Training, Vancouver, 2012)
+ Postpartum Doula (CAPPA, Vancouver, 2012)
+ 65 hrs Prenatal Yoga Teacher (Golden Bridge Studio, Hollywood, USA, 2013)
+ 220 hrs Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Yoga West, Vancouver, 2014)
+ Placenta Encapsulator (Sacred Mother Roasting Training, Golden, BC, 2014)
+ Sacred Pregnancy Instructor (Golden, BC, 2014)
+ Postpartum Sacred Mother Roasting Instructor (Golden, BC, 2014)
+ 25 hrs Mama & Baby Yoga Training (St. John's, NL, 2016)
+ 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Hatha Training (Yoga Peeth, Rishiskesh, India, 2016)
+ Auyervedic Holistic Massage & Indian Head Massage/Reflexology Training (Rishikesh, India, 2016)
+ 25hrs Kids Yoga Course (Nova Yoga, St. John's, NL, 2017)
+ Sacred Cycles Community Death Doula (La Lupavia, Puerto Viego, Costa Rica 2019)

About Me: Text
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