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Join Our Tribe and Raise Your Vibe!

  • Raise Your Vibe

    Every month
    When You Feel Good, YOUR WHOLE LIFE SHIFTS!
    • FB Live Wellness Videos
    • Unlimited Yoga Recordings
    • Mantra/Affirmation Recordings
    • Monthly Meditate to Manifest New Moon Ceremoy
    • Monthly Purge & Release Full Moon Ceremony
    • Seasonal Themed Workshops Virtual
    • Monthly Specialized Wellness Guest Speakers Virtual
    • Private FB Wellness Community Group
    • Real Talk Soul Sunday FB Live Sessions
    • Monthly Hiking Adventures (all year round)
  • Fear Releasing 1-1

    An opportunity to Heal and Grow from your energetic blocks
    • 15mins Phone Pre-Session Consultation, 1hr 1-1 Session
    • Dive into your fears/blocks/insecurities
    • Learn Meditation/Visualization techniques to let it go
    • Customized Affirmations to help you through your fears
    • Develop tools, habits, daily rituals to release the fears
  • VIP Membership

    Every year
    • COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE with Full Year Membership Purchase
    • Choose either: Power Hr 1 on 1 Session OR Full Body Massage
    • FB Live or Zoom Live weekly Wellness classes
    • Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Cooking Classes
    • Unlimited Yoga Recordings
    • Mantra/ Affirmations
    • Monthly Meditate to Manifest New Moon Ceremony
    • Monthly Purge & Release Full Moon Ceremony
    • Seasonal Themed Workshops
    • Monthly Specialized Community Wellness Guest Speakers
    • Private FB Wellness Support Community
    • Real Talk Sunday Soul Sessions FB Live
    • Monthly Hiking Adventure (all year round)
  • 1-1 In Person

    Single Session to Overcome Blocks (In Person)
    • 3hr Transformational Session
    • Consultation Mentorship
    • Kundalini Yoga Teachings
    • Meditation & Minfullness Techniques
    • Fear Releasing Techniques
    • Massage & Energy Work
    • Ceremony Ritual (optional)
    • Personalized and Customized Affirmations

    Learn more about my 1-1 Mentorship
    Free Plan
    • Ask any questions you have about these Mentorship Programs
    • Payment Plans are available
    • Insurance Claims available
    • See how I can help you Transform and Recreate yourself
  • Commit To ME Course

    3 month Personal Development & Transformation Program
    • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
    • Daily Journal Prompts
    • Chakra Alignment & Awakening
    • Powerful Self Esteem Affirmations
    • Guided Morning Meditations
    • 2 Bonuses: Value $297
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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