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Feeling good from the inside out is KEY to living a happy, healthy & whole life. And it is not about being perfect 100% of the time, it's about finding a balance with what works for you in your busy day to day doings. It's important to also have fun and not stick to a strict diet ! (unless you have health restrictions of course!) This 3 week Wellness Warrior Program actually gives you 1 day to eat what you like......well within a healthy balance of course! It's is set up for you to find a healthy no-fad diet lifestyle that makes NOT you loose a lot of weight...then only to pile it back on again!


This Wellness Program was designed to connect and reconnect the Mind, Body & Soul. It was designed by me, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Wellness Advocate to help inspire you to get motivated and moving! Your Health is your Wealth! Now more than ever. You will be given a meal plan guideline for 3 weeks, with some recipes to help inspire you to eat cleaner & healthier from a certified Nutritionist (ME!) that has been created in a way to make eating clean YUMMY and stress free!

Chickpea Salad

3 week Meal Plan + Recipes + 2 weekly fitness/yoga fusion videos + 5mins meditation challenge + 1 weekly cardio day incentive + FB Community Support Group =

 A Happier, Healthier YOU, from the Inside Out!

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